Karmela Goja

Sales Consultant

Karmela is a personable and confident professional with a passion for creating a stress-free and streamlined sales process for her clients.

Karmela’s empathy and natural communication skills come from a background of over eight years in sales. She began her career in fashion and design—including working as a sales and merchandising ambassador—before discovering her passion for real estate. Now, she works with clients to develop the best strategies for achieving their property goals.

A perfectionist in her approach, Karmela has exceptional attention to detail, which makes for an ideal disposition to meet any challenges that come her way. Karmela is passionate about connecting with her clients’ high standards and finding them the perfect properties and deals. She is eager to connect them to the best real estate in the area, and to continue exploring all the local area has to offer.

Outside the office, Karmela enjoys spending time socialising with family and friends, likes to keep fit and has a keen love of travel.

In the market

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